Qal'bu Maryam Women's Mosque
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Qal'bu Maryam Women's Mosque
As a pro bono project, I worked on the PR for a new, radically inclusive, women-led mosque in Berkeley, California. It's only the second women's-led mosque in the US and the first that allows genders to pray together. The dedication ceremony and prayer service was held April 14, 2017, and got a lot of press, including TV reports and other coverage.

One week later, when there were no cameras, 20 people of mixed genders, races, ages, and nationalities prayed together in peace, according to the founder, Rabi'a Keeble. One Arab man told her he was there because he didn't want his young daughter to have to go through the back door of a mosque to worship. The best thing about this project for me was fighting Trump by saying YES to something after months of fighting Trump by saying NO. My advice in this depressing era is to find something you value that you can say yes to. Even as a militant agnostic feminist progressive!
Role: PR manager (plus writer, editor)
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Yes. This is heartening. Thank you.
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