It's No Game: A sci-fi short film (mostly) written by AI, starring David Hasselhoff
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It's No Game: A sci-fi short film (mostly) written by AI, starring David Hasselhoff
Last year, Oscar Sharp and I made the short-film Sunspring in just two days for the Sci-Fi-London 48 Hour Film Contest. It was (so far as we know) the first film created from a computer-generated screenplay [1,2,3,4]. This year, Oscar and I followed up on Sunspring with a new short film created for the same contest: It's No Game, starring David Hasselhoff. See the accompanying article in Ars Technica for more details. (Rather than generating the screenplay in its entirety, this time we used our neural nets as augmentative writing tools to generate short snippets of dialogue in various styles. )
Role: programmer
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I really enjoyed Sunspring and enjoyed the reminder, this is also a really nice piece of work, but the short snippets lead of course to some curation of the material that introduces too much of a human hand perhaps. The dance segment was beatiful, also generated from earning chains, yeah? Absolutely worth some more focus on that area I think! The final segment with Hasselhoff really woke memories of other snippets of him rambling, half-naked on the floor, was that an intentional callback?
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