The Throwin' Rocks at Fish Roleplayin' Game
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The Throwin' Rocks at Fish Roleplayin' Game
A role playing game like no other.

The Throwin' Rocks at Fish Roleplayin' Game is a game unlike anything you've ever encountered. You will experience the wacky exploits of your zany friends first hand as the social order that controls the world bares it's claws and looms down upon its victims. What follows is not the gallant self-sacrifice of doomed heroes that though they may fall, still somehow achieve their victory in defeat, but merely a pathetic capitulation of someone who knows there's no winning so hasn't bothered to try. This is the demented tale of the slacker. Slackers were cool once. They'll be cool again. If you don't think that slacking is cool then you're in a mid-range period and soon both people who are older than you and younger than you will hate you and everything you did during your life to fuck up the world. Although The Throwin' Rocks at Fish Roleplayin' Game will teach you many things, we must always remember that they will be negative and depressing things. Life however is both negative and depressing so while you may think this is not a great educational experience it'll all become clear how important this all was a second before you die and think, 'ah whatever. fuck it.' BUT MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL: Don't throw rocks at fish. Don't throw fish. Leave everyone the fuck alone. The Throwin' Rocks at Fish Roleplayin' Game does not encourage or condone violence or animal cruelty in any way. We repeat: Don't throw rocks at anything! This game is for (im)mature adults only. There's already some swearing in this description so you should have guessed that, but there's more in the book and there's a drawing of a severed penis. So be warned.
Role: Illustrator, playtester
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There's a lot to unpack here.
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Do you ever find yourself swept along with something in the spur of the moment, you go along for the ride even though you really hadn't planned on going anywhere that day? And afterwards you think, what the hell just happened? I'm not sure I understand it, but I did laugh a lot, so I guess it was pretty good? That kinds sums up my involvement with this game. Also I got to draw a severed penis, so that was cool.
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