A Story-Driven Philosophy Podcast
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A Story-Driven Philosophy Podcast
Hi-Phi Nation is the first story-driven, narrative podcast on contemporary philosophy. Every week we begin with compelling stories of ordinary and extraordinary human experiences, and transform them into an examination of philosophical ideas. We profile stories from war, crime, politics, religion, public health and policy, science, and history that raise philosophical questions, and we answer them with the help of contemporary academic philosophers. The aim of the show is to bring fans of the best narrative, story-driven podcasts like Invisibilia, Radiolab, 99% Invisible, and This American Life into philosophy. We're halfway through the first season, so subscribe and binge now!
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I am really enjoying Hi-Phi Nation.

I especially enjoyed the series on the military and the morality of war, it often feels like this is an area of discourse not open to public debate: we're all supposed to "support our troops" and not think critically about what that means, lest it bring up some uncomfortable questions. As someone who grew up in a military family I really appreciated this being treated honestly. There are complicated issues around the morality of war and the moral responsibility of military members following orders. People in the military know this, but it is noticeably absent from our public discourse about the military.

Those episodes sparked some good discussions with my Dad about his time in the air force and that of friends of our family (in military families, given that you move around a lot, those friends of the family are really your extended family). I grew up in the pre-9/11 world, so when I was a kid we weren't fighting bad dudes and terrorists, we were travelling the world doing peace keeping missions. The people I knew who served, the mom's and dad's of my friends, were off in far flung places risking their lives for more opaque objectives. I think there's a lot of room in there to discuss the role of the military in conflicts that don't follow the classic narrative of "good guys" versus "bad guys" and fighting to "defend our freedom" etc.
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This was approved as a project, but that seems a bit odd, given that the podcast was already posted to the Blue back in February of this year, less than a month ago.
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