The Neverending Conflict
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The Neverending Conflict
A dark fantasy YA serial fiction and game design website. I'm writing a story about teenagers who fight monsters on an alternate Earth where the existence of magic and monsters is an everyday fact of life. The most basic elevator pitch is "What if, in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, everyone knew Buffy was the Slayer? And also there were many Slayers, and everyone knew about all of them?" There's a lot more to it than that, of course, but that's the basic idea. I'm also working on a game based on the 5th Edition Open Gaming License of Dungeons and Dragons set in the same world. I hope it proves to be a fun distraction from what ails you.

The game's not very far along yet, but the story is, so I will be posting a chunk of the story every week on Sunday for the foreseeable future.

I could probably use longer to work on all this before taking it public, but given our fun new post-Obama reality, I'm a bit concerned that in if I sit on it too long, maybe no one will ever get a chance to read it. And today is the birthday of one of the characters, so it's a better day than most to launch.
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