Mobile-Friendly Compendium for Eclipse Phase
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Mobile-Friendly Compendium for Eclipse Phase
Eclipse Phase is a cool (if crunchy) tabletop RPG that mashes up post-singularity science fiction, survival horror, and enthusiastic transhumanism. The folks at Posthuman Studios have released it under a generous Creative Commons license that allows the community to expand, remix, and experiment with even the "canon" materials in the books. To that end, I've built a giant online compendium of every skill, power, character trait, creature, piece of gear, weapon, location, faction, NPC, and pregen character in all of Eclipse Phase's published books. Nerrrrrrrrrrrd.
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This is amazing, thanks! EP is an incredible world but a diabolical system. I ran a campaign and replaced all the mechanics with the sci-fi version of Rolemaster, and made it five times easier and more fun. Rolemaster.
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Sebmojo, agreed. Believe it or not, EP was the first tabletop game I ever ran (or played for more than a session or two). I didn't realize how tricky/crunchy it could be (especially in the early stages) until picking up D&D5e a few years later.

The almost-Kickstarted 2nd Edition rules for Eclipse Phase are pretty promising in terms of simplifying the heavy math bits — no skill recalculations on sleeving, smaller (saner) skill list, and so on. I'm crossing my fingers! (And preparing to roll out a new version of eldrich host to account for the new rules…)
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