Onward! Do a few daily tasks before surfing.
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Onward! Do a few daily tasks before surfing.
A desktop Chrome Extension that blocks addictive sites until you've completed your daily tasks. You can download it from the Chrome Webstore or customize it and install manually from the Github repo.

Onward! is a simple attempt to stop you from thoughtlessly surfing-- until you've completed a few daily tasks that you've set for yourself. Every time you open a new window or tab in Chrome, the Onward! page appears, listing the tasks you need to complete for the day. If you finish a task, click on the corresponding button and it will go away. If you complete them all, then Onward! no longer blocks you when you attempt to visit the sites found on your Blocked Sites list. The next day (specifically, right after midnight), when you next open a window or tab, the tasks will reappear.
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