1958 Rambler Super Station Wagon Rebuild
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1958 Rambler Super Station Wagon Rebuild
My brother has been rebuilding a 1958 AMC Rambler Super Station Wagon (4 door) for me. The original vehicle was in rough enough condition that he "transplanted" the body onto the chassis of an 1986 Oldsmobile, and then he just went from there.

I will be adding more pictures as we progress - right now we are partway through the interior. I do need to take a few pics of the engine as well.

Currently the car is running - we have the seats ready to go in - but I mis-measured for the headliner and will be remaking that once more fabric arrives.

New wheels & tires are also on the list, but at this point I am certain we'll be on the road in time for spring
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<3 <3 <3 <3
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I love my car so much. I am hoping to take engine pictures this weekend.... headliner continues to be our interior delay, but once I have fabric, we should be back on track.
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This is fantastic.
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Just added some engine pics.
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We have made progress - here is an updated page with more interior pics, including one of the exterior (sorry, the car is a bit dusty from all its time in the shop) that shows the seats now in place. I am very happy with how it is looking - still need to get the door handles on inside (they are a combo of the Bird of Paradise print & black, and it is headed to town for muffler / exhaust work.

Wheels will likely be these red chrome lovelies, just because what the hell, ya know? My brother was concerned that they may draw too much attention, then I pointed out THE CAR WILL ALREADY DO THAT.
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Mini update - I drove my car today. Just the 7 rural blocks from my brother's shop to my house, but it was so much fun. It goes to town next week (on the car trailer) to get alignment, exhaust work & muffler, so right now it is still REALLY loud.
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The Rambler has driven all the way to town (15 miles away) and back. I think she is the bomb. The red chrome wheels have arrived and we are waiting on tires and a few more bits and bobs. She is licensed and insured!

I had to check the date of purchase for insurance and was shocked to learn I bought the car in Oct. 2013. My brother took a little break to build a house which slowed us down a bit.
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Finally - here she is with her new red wheels. I was supposed to be able to take her home this weekend, but a sudden issue with the carburetor has put her back in the shop just a couple more days. We are also still having a bit of a fidget with the vacuum wipers and may be looking for an electric replacement motor as there are safety concerns with the reliability of the current situation.

And, not yet shown here - I've purchased a red antenna ball for her.
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She's beautiful! Hope she's home soon.
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She is!!! I drove her to town today and then took the dogs out for a ride.

My dogs are not ... clever. We are having some lessons on getting in and out of the car. But they love the great view from their beds in the back.

I'm still getting used to driving it, but she runs like a top and I'm madly in love.
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It's just stunning, so very happy for you :)
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