Nine Views of the Ordinaires: A radio documentary
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Nine Views of the Ordinaires: A radio documentary
For one fleeting moment in the summer of 1989, college radio, MTV, classic rock, and the avant-garde intersected when The Ordinaires, a nine-piece orchestral art-rock band from New York City, summoned the ghosts of ‘70s stadium-rock bombast with an infamous cover tune. And after a decade surviving near-death experiences and religious condemnation, the band was about to face its most formidable obstacle: itself. This is the story of a time and a place never to be repeated, in which an unlikely group of people made a most unusual noise. These are Nine Views of the Ordinaires. (59m)

Featuring the voices of:
Angela Babin (Ordinaires, Guitar)
Gary Ray Bugarcic (Owner, Darinka)
Robin Casey (Ordinaires, Violin)
Joe Dizney (Ordinaires, Guitar)
Sven Furberg (Ordinaires, Bass Guitar)
John Gernand (Sound, Darinka/8BC)
Kurt Hoffman (Tenor Saxophone)
Jamie Kitman (Manager)
Bill Krauss (Producer/Sound)
Peter Moffitt (Cello, Ordinaires, 1984-1987)
Glenn Morrow (Bar/None Records)
Barbara Schloss (Violin, Ordinaires)
Elliott Sharp (Composer and Friend)
Garo Yellin (Cello, Ordinaires, 1987-1991)
Role: Producer
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