"Watch out for the man." 1979 Phone Phreak Interview
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"Watch out for the man." 1979 Phone Phreak Interview
An over 35-year-old rare interview with Captain Crunch, the notorious phone phreak/early hacker-activist John Draper. Recorded in NYC's Central Park on Aug 27, 1979.

He predicts the future:
"As the phone company gets more sophisticated, so will the phone phreaks, and they are gonna use it against them just like they always have. There will always be people going around using this equipment."

Q: How big a threat do they [phone phreaks] pose to the phone company?
A: The phone company will not tighten up their [security] system for a long time, at least until the year 2000. There will always be a few flaws and holes and accesses to get in. They know that. They're not after every phone phreak in the country, they're just after a few. Those who are making a lot of calls, those that are causing more phone phreaks to happen. They're after the ones spreading the information around.

Interviewer: Joe Tripician
Role: Interviewer
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I love stuff like this. I've spent hours listening to Evan Doorbell's vintage phone phreak recordings. Thanks!
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