Vapor Lanes - Hieratic Teen
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Vapor Lanes - Hieratic Teen
I've just released a full-length album with the label Usonian Records, digitally and on limited edition 12" vinyl. Here's what they have to say: "To our ears, Hieratic Teen sounds something like the record you'd get if you locked someone in a boiler room for 10 years with only My Bloody Valentine's Loveless to listen to, then let them out, gave them an assortment of synthesizers, and told them to score Logan's Run. But far from being a purely aesthetic exercise, within the fuzzy, sonic beauty of the record's half-broken, warbling synth melodies, distortions, hissing, and undulating, analog depths; an unmistakable human feeling is being communicated. And it keeps pulling us back in."

As you might guess from the description, this album fits into that nebulous realm of ambient, drone, noise, and experimental electronics. Give it a listen in full on bandcamp, and if you enjoy the record, consider picking it up digitally or on vinyl. And spread the word if you feel so inclined. Thanks! A few more links: bandcamp page with some of my past releases, soundcloud page for newest uploads and random things, twitter, and a mixcloud page where I'm starting to put out a new mix every month or so.
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