Handspan Theatre 1977 - 2002
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Handspan Theatre 1977 - 2002
A rather large website, with still more content to come. It's about our old company, Handspan Theatre, renowned in Melbourne, Australia and beyond for its innovative work in puppetry and visual theatre. The site documents 25 years of productions for stage and street, young and old, and the people who made them.

We've used Tiki-wiki for the bulk of the site, but wanted more control over the design of the photo and video galleries than Tiki offered - they are in static html and constructed by my amateur hands with a bit of help from Bootstrap. Suggestions for improvement most definitely welcome.
Role: developer/designer, photo-restorer, reminiscer of half-remembered stories
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The other half of the team is my pal Helen, the project's instigator, writer and researcher.
posted by valetta at 6:36 AM on August 20, 2016

This is great. I'm a late-in-life aspiring puppeteer, and I love seeing all this, which I've never really been exposed to.
posted by xingcat at 12:39 PM on August 24, 2016

Thank you xingcat, glad you're enjoying it.

Had a look at some of your George the Self-Esteem Cat videos - good message there, and some nifty stunts. Overall I think you have a good feel for the puppetry thing, in that your characters don't just stand around talking, they do stuff, and sometimes they do stuff living things can't do.

We're working on more photo galleries and articles, do check our News section from time to time for updates.
posted by valetta at 12:59 AM on August 31, 2016

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