Interactive video feedback simulator in WebGL
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Interactive video feedback simulator in WebGL
Basically what it says on the tin. Hopefully it works for mobile users, but you'll have the best experience on a full monitor. Warning: it's pretty easy to create bright, flashing patterns with it, so photosensitive folk be careful.
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Love it! One thing, it would be really cool to have it save all the current settings in the URL when I change stuff so I can directly link friends to exactly the config i tooled around into. Pretty sweet!
posted by doteatop at 4:07 PM on June 13, 2016

Having coded up my own version of this back in the 90's, here's some suggestions for fun things to add:

Overlays w/ transparency. A border image is cool, but so is dragging sprites around on top.
Option to blur as it zooms

When I went to rotate it it surprised me that mirror X was on. Is that on purpose? It seems like a weird default.
posted by aubilenon at 1:59 PM on June 16, 2016

Cool project! Very trippy.
posted by mgalka at 2:51 PM on June 18, 2016

this is so fun!!!
posted by raisindebt at 12:11 PM on June 26, 2016

That is really cool. Perfect for playing on my iPad.
posted by Thorzdad at 8:00 PM on June 27, 2016

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