Hearing aid battery subscriptions!
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Hearing aid battery subscriptions!
Ok, it's not exactly disrupting an industry, but I started selling subscriptions to hearing aid batteries. It's something I've always wanted, and figured there must be others out there too. It sucks to need a new battery and realize you don't have any. Knowing that you'll get fresh batteries in the mail each month is pretty handy. Need batteries? Know someone who needs batteries? I will be pleased to serve you. :-)
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Looks neat.
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Interesting! My great-grandfather made it through the Depression with a similar scheme -- he sold hearing aids door to door for an early manufacturer because he was an early user. He kept the addresses of everyone he sold to and went back around monthly selling them batteries freelance ... made a better margin selling for himself, and selling monthly, than selling once-in-a-while for someone else.

I would have thought in the interim someone would have already turned it into a business!
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