Will Wear Many Hats for Food and Housing
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Will Wear Many Hats for Food and Housing
I've worn a lot of different hats over the years, in my pursuit of my family's financial security and mine and others' creative ambitions. Now it's raining, and I'm getting soaked. So I made a simple, interactive online resume and work portfolio in the spirit of Wooly Willy to get a little help finding a new hat to cover my bald head in the rain.

I made this interactive online resume and work portfolio because I'm in a tough spot, after a contract I was working on unexpectedly ended early, while working through a more difficult than hoped separation/divorce process with two kids, other family medical challenges and tragedy in the background, and lots of new parenting and daycare challenges. I haven't had income in a couple of months, have no retirement or other savings left that I can access, and no family remaining with the resources to float me through the gap for very long. I've been fortunate enough to have help managing daily expenses when I have custody of my two kids with some help from friends, but I need to get back to work and bring in income soon or I may lose access to my kids and not be able to keep a home. I'd hesitate to put all this out in the public, weakening my salary negotiating position, but that news came out publicly online without my involvement anyway recently, so there's no point in being subtle about it anymore. Somebody, hope me, please!

The site design is in early beta and may not yet be fully responsive, so if you catch any layout bugs, let me know the screen resolution/device and the issue in the comments so I can fix it.
Role: Designer, programmer
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Wish I could do more than vote or have the resources or juice to help you out, but regardless, all the best to you!
posted by Alvy Ampersand at 7:11 PM on June 8, 2016 [1 favorite]

My free trial to Microsoft Azure expires soon, so the site may go down for a little while in a couple of days, but in that event, I hope to be able to get the service restored quickly, so check back in a couple of days if it's not working for you.
posted by saulgoodman at 12:06 PM on June 10, 2016

This is very cool. Best of luck to you.
posted by gt2 at 10:02 PM on June 11, 2016

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