A Writing Forum
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A Writing Forum
A small, informal and friendly writing forum. If you write, want to write, or once wrote and have stopped and are looking to start again and need some encouragement, or if you enjoy reading short pieces of writing, come and join us!

I do the NanoWrimo Challenge, as well as the two NanoCamps, after discovering it on metatalk here, in 2012. Myself and another Wrimo, Carelia, who lives in Oregon, have set up a writing forum to try to keep us writing all year round. We have invited people from Nano to join us with varying degrees of success, and now we are looking to bring in new members from outside of the Nano Realm.

So if you are a writer, at whatever level (trust me, I am nothing special in this regard, my writing is rubbish, but I still hack it out!) or have written and stopped and want to get back into it, or are looking to chat or share your writing with other writers, come and join us.

Or maybe you're not a writer, but you like reading short pieces in a variety of styles. Or maybe you are the type of person who likes to offer constructive criticism, who gets a kick out of seeing others grow and develop thanks to your efforts. Or maybe you just want to hang out with writers like some sort of writer-groupie. If any of these sound like you, or if any of this appeals to you in any way, come and join and say hello.

There is a chatroom which a few of us use, and you will get your own private writing forum, to which you can invite others so they can read your writing. There are public writing areas for sharing Nano excerpts and so on, and forums for a variety of writing related issues.

If you have any questions feel free to MeMail me. Other than that, the doors are open! (As an added "bonus" anyone who joins from here will automatically be added to my private writing forum, so you can see what I write, and trust me, this will inspire you to write, because you will think, "Wow, what is this rubbish? I can easily do better than this idiot.")
Role: I set up the forum originally, and am Admin.
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