My Kickstarter Project Gamer Theory
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My Kickstarter Project Gamer Theory
From the Kickstarter: "My book is divided into two parts. The first part is a point-by-point response to McKenzie Wark's excellent Gamer Theory (2007, Harvard University Press). The second part offers an expanded definition of Gamer Theory, complete with suggestions for ways the reader can think critically about gaming and still enjoy the hell out of it. "

I write for Gamemoir and my blog is Smash the Game State. Scroll past the Kickstarter update posts to read my articles.
I would love to get your input and insights.
One more thing. You'll notice that the Kickstarter site begins with a quote from Dead Strang, one of the super-cool defense attorneys from Making a Murderer.
Here's the scene: I'm reading Dean Strang's awesome book on Clarence Darrow and Emma Goldman, Worse than the Devil. (Really, you should get it. It's great.) Meanwhile, my Kickstarter project is floundering.
I get this idea. Now, I've written fan letters to authors before. I'll write him a fan letter, tell him what I think of his book, let him know about my Kickstarter. What do I have to lose? After all, my book will certainly address social justice in its own way.
As it turns out, he doesn't just play a super-cool attorney on TV docs. He's actually as awesome as he seems in the show. I got his permission to quote him. So that happened.
There are two weeks left. The project is expected to fail. In this case, I will turn to some other means of crowdfunding.
Of course, I would love to see it succeed. Wark's book is important to me and I want to do it justice.
Check out the project. If you're nerdy, bookish, and into gaming, it might be a book you'll enjoy.
Thanks for reading this.
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Essentially, the questions I am asking in the book are:

As information technology, entertainment technology, and communication technology become more and more tangled up and matted together, how is gaming changing?
What do these changes mean for gamers?
What sorts of questions should gamers be asking themselves as they play games?

I'm interested in asking questions and teaching myself and others how to ask better questions. I do not plan on pandering to a specific ideological perspective.
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