You Matter, Episode 1: Greg Erskine
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You Matter, Episode 1: Greg Erskine
MeFi's beloved Gregnog was kind enough to be the first guest for my new podcast. The whole pretense is this: I've spent 20 years in public radio, listening to people being interviewed only because they had a new book or movie or TV show coming out that week. I love Terry Gross, but her bosses would never schedule a butcher or a puppeteer or a single mom, unless there was some financial reason to do so. So that's the point of this podcast - I am going to interview "ordinary" people, to underscore the fact that there is no such thing as an ordinary person. (Here is the full manifesto behind it.) Thanks to gregnog for being a great first guest. I have six more in the can, and I have solved the audio issues that plague this first one.
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I hope I'm not diminishing the "everybody's interesting/special/etc" theme of the show by suggesting this, but I think every interview with a MeFite should have a weird "from another planet or something" audio effect on their voice.
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This sounds really cool, and I'm looking forward to listening soon!

I'd probably find it a little more interesting if it had a different, more descriptive title. Something that focused on the people you were interviewing, rather than me (it's great that I matter, and I very much agree with the premise that non-celebrities are interesting, but I guess I'd like to have a hint about the kinds of things you are interested in and/or the kind of questions you plan to ask and/or your personal motivation behind finding and interviewing people -- focusing the title on "me" feels a little intimidating or something).

However, if you're totally attached to the title, it's fine and the content should be the important part.
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OMG!! I'm "in the can" and I can't tell you how excited I am.... I'm ordinary for sure... but I'm not.... I'm a newly single mom.... but I have a rich arts kids have exceptional talents....they are doing amazing things.... We participate in and do lots of stuff....Probably like most newly single moms.... So excited to talk to James... I feel so special. It's been a while.. YAY !
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I look foward to listening to this as Greg would've intended, while hurting myself at the gym
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Very cool! Greg's work is what I want to be able to do when I grow up. :)
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(In case anyone is interested, episode 2 is now up. I'm aiming for diversity - episode three will be the janitor at a nearby elementary school - so please reach out to me if you know or are someone interesting who would like to hop on the phone and tell their story for a few minutes.)
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(Just curious, amtho ... does the title of episode 2 answer your concern? Because I'm certainly up for more descriptive titles.)
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Commenting here so I can find out when you get into iTunes. Great concept!
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Episode 1 seems to have vaporized.
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Ah, okay - so it’s the title link that’s broken. Booo.
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