The hats of your mortal enemies, turned inside-out and used as flowerpots
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I love how oddly specific and disturbingly familiar the themes are despite them being from other dimensions...

Send my regards to Mr. Titor.
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Let me declare three things...
(1) I have long loved the pun-power in the title "Listing to Port"
(2) In this era of "Listicles", I seriously appreciate lists that are 100% fictional and 100% absurd
(3) I can speak with authority on the subject of Lists because in 1981, I achieved my greatest accomplishment as a free-lance writer (of non-fiction) when I sold two ideas to the Best-Selling People's Almanac/Book of Lists people for "The Book of Lists 2". Both lists ("Royals in Waiting: 12 Current Crown Princes" and "The Musical Instruments of 10 Non-Musical Celebrities") included 2-3 sentence 'annotations' for each item - still, at the maximum payout of $150, I made between 30 and 40 cents per word (an impressive rate for 'trivia'). Regretfully, neither list made it into Book of Lists 2 OR 3... the editors I corresponded with (none of whom were relatives of Irving Wallace) made clear that they were buying many more lists than the book could contain (because they had the money), and specifically the Crown Princes list they later told me they were concerned would likely become outdated too quickly for a book intended to stay on the shelves for decades as the Princes ascended to the throne. Ironically, the Prince who inspired the list for me, Prince Charles, still hasn't, 35 years later.
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Shades of Douglas Adams:
3. There is a place in a distant galaxy, right in its star-dense heart, where one can look up and see a perfect letter Q written in stars across the sky. It is what is known as an asterism, or stars that are unrelated save that they happen to line up. And no being who has anything like a concept of the letter Q has ever lived in that galaxy. Nevertheless, it is there.

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OK, I've been following L. to P. for a long time now, and I still love it.
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