Educational Videos á la YouTuber Style
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Educational Videos á la YouTuber Style
Quick intro: third grade bilingual teacher at a low socioeconomic school. Kids come from trailer parks and apartments. They are constantly enrolling and leaving school so mobility is high. CPS personnel are common folk here. Therefore I made videos to appeal their interest and educational needs.

Another common thing is that my students love talking about you tubers they enjoy watching. I thought it'd be a good idea to make educational videos in a context that the students are familiar and take pleasure in watching.
Both the students and I really got into this.
Like a lot haha

The purpose of this post is to expose my channel, but also to see if anyone would be interested in collaborating or giving some tips as to how to improve the quality of my videos.
I'd love some help with the animation of my Spotlight Story segment.

Thank you very much for your time.
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Awesome idea.
posted by amtho at 5:12 PM on April 9, 2016

Maybe someone could train some students to help with the animation?
posted by amtho at 5:13 PM on April 9, 2016

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