Ballotcraft: like fantasy football, but for politics
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Ballotcraft: like fantasy football, but for politics
I've been making a fantasy game but instead of sports, Ballotcraft is entirely about the weird, wonderful, and terrifying world of American politics. Come place bets on who the nominees will be, challenge your friends to see who can best predict the primaries, get super wonky on the forum; we got all you need to go politi-nuts on Ballotcraft!

We started this project last year, back when Trump was a joke and nobody was feeling the Bern. We're hoping to combine the addictiveness of daily fantasy sports and the fortune-telling nature of prediction markets into a place where people can talk about politics in a civil manner and hopefully entice their friends into caring about the election and (hopefully?) voting.

Want to play? It should be fairly simple to get started (please let me know if there's anything I can do to improve that process). I also recently added a private league feature, and have set one up just for mefis.

Role: Programmer, designer
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