Implanted Memories
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Implanted Memories
AKA An Exploration of Korg M1 and Wavestation Sounds. A somewhat old /odd project of mine, where I mess around with VST versions of those two machines without any further effects, instruments or samples. 7 track, 24 minute EP, name your price (free without strings attached)

From the liner:

The M1 sound was defined by FACT Mag as "the early ’90s, pretty much, and that’s because you heard it on everything, from adverts to TV shows to mainstream chart hits", and is about right. I recall it being used by TV production companies (like the DX7) on everything, from bumpers to scoring TV Shows.

So, why Implanted Memories? The retro aesthetic movement does not particularly care for accuracy - it is, as I've seen described, the faint images from an old VHS tape, with the person filling in what's missing with what they recall. This record is essentially a version of the early 90s I'm not sure ever existed. It's more or less what I imagine an experimental musician would do with both machines 25 years ago, trying to get bizarre/novel sounds out of it. Midway, I considered going towards a more Vaporwave style (the Japanese characters in the cover are a leftover from that), but decided against sampling, and the project went back to its' origins.

I started composing it early in 2014 - before the debut single Calling/N12, probably even before I adopted the Twin Sprawl moniker, and the origins could even be tracked to messing around Korg M01D for the Nintendo DS, around 2010. However, since everything had a very peculiar sound that was hard to get along something else, those were saved for another day, until decided to make an EP with tracks using just these two synths - no aditional filters or synths or samples were used.

And here it is.
Role: musician
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