Reverend Honeybeard
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Reverend Honeybeard
A year ago, in the course of taking a writing course from the inimitable Shira E, I found myself assigned with making music as well as writing poetry. I bought a MIDI keyboard and some software and taught myself how to use Ableton Live, Logic, and a host of iOS music apps. The assignment included posting the music I made, and I felt shy about posting under my name, so I created a musical alter-ego, Reverend Honeybeard. After the class ended, the Good Reverend seemed to want to live on and soon was making an experimental/electronic/ambient album, posting in his oblique way to Twitter and Tumblr and now composing/recording and uploading 1 song a day every day for the month of March 2016.
Role: Musician, programmer, designer, everything
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This may be the first post-initial-ooh-and-ahh time I have genuinely liked the use of parallax trickery on a website.
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Thanks cortex! I had the idea while working on another project, and there was a bug with the parallax effect and it made me wonder what would happen if I treated the bug as intentional and I ended up with this design which reminds me of old rabbit-ears-era network TV after the local affiliate had signed off.
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Damn, these are really good. Thanks for sharing.
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