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Money Boss
Ten years ago in this space, I announced my new money blog called Get Rich Slowly. With your support, that blog grew into a business and a career. Now I've launched a new money blog called Money Boss, which covers "advanced personal finance". Money Boss is about achieving early retirement and financial independence, about mastering your money -- and your life. Because it's great to get rich slowly, but I believe you can do better!

This website will be similar to Get Rich Slowly in a lot of ways. As before, I'll keep things conversational and light. I'll share stories, both my own and those of readers. But some things at Money Boss will be different. The web seems to be moving to longform content, so that's what I'm focusing on at MB. (Instead of two short articles every day, I'm aiming for one long article every week or two.) Plus, the content at MB is meant to challenge people to do more than just save 10% of their income.

I've been publishing for about three months now. Topics include: I'm excited to be blogging about money again! And I look forward to having Metafilter readers on board at the beginning, just as they were at Get Rich Slowly.
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Cool. I save way more than 10%, but then I feel like I am playing catchup. Money is weird. For the most part I have everything I want. Not need, but want. I'm fairly simple with simple wants, so all my "extra" money is getting invested in as smart of ways as I know, so having a blog with even more smart ways will be fun. I like the idea of getting rich slowly.
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So... no tips on how to play the ponies? ...... (oh ok, rimshot)
posted by sammyo at 8:06 AM on January 20, 2016

Holy crap, I followed GRS religiously when I was deep in debt and feeling lost, and I never knew that you were a MeFite! Cool!
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I have missed me some J.D. Roth! Subscribed!
posted by Major Matt Mason Dixon at 4:24 AM on January 26, 2016 [1 favorite]

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