Think you can tell a Democrat from a Republican?
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Think you can tell a Democrat from a Republican?
You are presented with a bill from 2005-2014, and have to decide if that bill was sponsored by a Democrat or a Republican. Some are obvious, some are tricky, and some are really surprising!

I recently got very curious about how different our two major US parties really are, during non-election-years and on issues not covered by mainstream media. I made this website to see for myself, and for others to test their own intuition.

So far, on 500+ responses, people can only correctly identify the party behind ~60% of recent bills. I'm trying to get many more participants to see if any patterns emerge, and to spur some new kinds of discussion before we all go out and vote.
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This project was posted to MetaFilter by aniola on January 25, 2016: Think you can tell a Democrat from a Republican?

I guess I should also clarify what I'm after:
If you thought the site was worthy of spending a minute or two, please share it with others (for example: FB, Twitter, MeFi front page, Reddit, or however you think you'd like to share it). The more people participate, the more interesting it can become.
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This is super hard! Fun, but hard - separating the face-value from possible agendas.
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I like this a lot, but think the shorter ones really detract from the whole thing and make it unnecessarily harder in a way that feels forced. Other than that awesome!!
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What do you mean by "shorter ones"? If it's the "temporary suspension of duty", I agree that those are pretty weird. They make up roughly 10% of all bills, though. So clearly they are very important to our government (or other interests...)

In other news, I'm proud to announce that I have just become a US citizen! So this year I can finally have my say about which duties we temporarily suspend!
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I had no idea that was 10% of all bills! The things you learn! But congratulations on the citizenship!!
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Sorry, closer to 5%. It just seems like they always come up.
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Up to 12,000 responses. You can see some stats here:
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