Old Omaha
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Old Omaha
I have accidentally created a rather lively Facebook group about Omaha history. Daily posts about forgotten byways in the city by the Missouri, such as our restaurant that featured a live (and unhappy) porpoise that splashed diners, our movie theater that was basically a giant black light poster, and our various terrible mayors.
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This is so cool!

If you're interested in expanding beyond Facebook, this sounds like a fantastic group to take on your Omaha Local Wiki! The knowledge in the posts that are floating around on your Facebook page is an example of exactly what Local WIki is *for!*

Local Wiki is sort of like a Wikipedia for places, but it's ok to use oral histories etc. I'm a huge fan because it started in Davis (where I'm from), so I've seen it filled out and used by the entire town. It looks like Omaha's Local Wiki is basically a tabula rasa, just waiting for your group to come along! If you have any questions about why it's an amazing fit for your project, memail me! I can help get you set up if you have any questions.
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Some terrible mayors, but also Edward Zorinksy, who I remember mostly for the stern lecture he gave me and one of his sons when he caught us with a six-pack of beer (we were 15 at the time).

Thanks for starting the group!
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