Faustian Bargains: Sold Your Soul? Tell the World and Let the Healing Begin!
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Faustian Bargains: Sold Your Soul? Tell the World and Let the Healing Begin!
"From time to time in life, we all find ourselves striking what feel like little Faustian bargains--deals with the devil--to get by. Faustian Bargains is an online community centered on the idea that revealing starts the healing! Only a few rules: No judging. No shaming. No real names or identifiable specifics. Share your story of corrupted personal integrity with us, finally get your sins off your chest, and help others like you feel a little less ashamed of being human in a world that's occasionally less than perfectly humane. Join our community and finally find the understanding, love, and acceptance you've always wanted and deserved in a safe space with benefits!"

Another component of Project Faust, my multi-year mission to embarrass myself making art on the Faustian theme in as many different forms of media as possible. Please sign up and contribute! It's intended to be a crowd-generated parody of social media sites. It'd be nice to see a lot of ridiculous fake confessions poking fun at social media culture, fake flame wars and flame outs, interesting fake users with running gags and some character and plot development. Right now I'm the only one moderating and I'm pretty busy these days with just trying to keep life together for the kids and working my day-job, so it might be a while before I get around to activating your account or moderating any submissions. The content I contributed is basically just absurd first draft example content. If you're interested in helping with moderation, send me a MeMail. Previous works in the larger project include the 2001 debut concept album "Faust" I made with my (now estranged) wife, Lori G, as Tangemeenie, and the recently released ebook that also serves as the overdue libretto to that album, "Faust: The Movie." I also wrote and produced a follow-up to that album with Lori shortly before our separation over the last year began, but it's not yet clear what if anything the future holds in store for that project. I meant for the follow-up album to be a tribute to the comfort and strength our marriage and family life together had given both of us during our struggles in overcoming grief from pregnancy loss, clinical depression due to other personal trauma we faced over the years, and hopefully, to serve as a way to reset some of the problems that had developed under all the stress and strain. I was starting a difficult recovery from a very serious addictive disorder I've discussed here before when I began this latest phase of the long-term project partly in an effort at self-rehabilitation (set concrete goals; see them through), and partly hoping to woo my wife back and make amends because I thought making music together again might help break us out of our rut.
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