12 Awesome Women of the Stage
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12 Awesome Women of the Stage
12 Awesome Women of the Stage (You've Never Heard Of) is published as the third in a series for 10-13 year olds. It is the third in a series which highlights the achievements and legacies of women that young people may never have heard of. It takes a look at the lives and careers of women both on the stage and behind the curtain. JumpMag (the publisher) is an advertising free, girl-positive environment, which aims to create opportunities for young people and provide role models for young women.

Know a young person who is interested in theatre? This new book covers directors, designers, writers, producers, theatre owners, singers, dancers and actors, including Paulette Randall, Florence Mills, Audra McDonald and Adah Isaacs Menken.

Other books in the series include 12 Awesome Women of Science (by Samantha Gouldson) and 12 Awesome Women Explorers .

Women. We're awesome.
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