Biographies of Chinese Students
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Biographies of Chinese Students
I finally got my blog up about Chinese students studying at American universities from the turn of the century to World War II!

This sounds like a very strange and specific time-range, but it is the time period when state sponsorship of students was at its highest due to the Boxer Indemnity Scholarship fund.

Right now there are two posts up, an introduction that explains the scope and research background of the blog, and my first student biography post, E. J. Chu, who also happens to be my great-great-grandfather. I have a good 10-15 posts already in the pipeline (almost) ready to go, and according to my spreadsheet, thousands of possible posts to write! I will update once a week on Fridays with a post about a student, a primary source, or a historical note.

Role: writer, researcher, reader of handwritten traditional Chinese characters
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Quick update: I've decided to keep posting student biographies on Fridays, but other posts whenever it strikes my fancy. So - get ready for multiple posts per week!
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