The Bench Warmers Podcast
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The Bench Warmers Podcast
A Podcast about the misadventures and victories of a life in the sciences. As told and lived by Graduate Students. We mimic the format of This American Life (more or less) to chronicle the crazy stories and hijinks of current and former graduate students via interviews. This month's episode (there are four out so far) asks "What Would You Do For Your Data".

From the description for this month's episode: There was gun to her head, and the man wanted her purse, but her purse had irreplaceable data on it. What would you have done? This Month, The Bench Warmers Podcast asks the question "What Would You Do For Your Data?" Listen for stories about rogue freezers, horse gods, effigies, acquiring Oregon Trail status diseases, and of course, SHARKS
Episode 2 is another standout, centered around the question "What's the Most Expensive Thing You Ever Broke in Lab?"
Role: Co- Producer/Writer/Editor
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Oh man. Do you have future themes in mind? I have some good stories :-)
posted by ChuraChura at 8:56 PM on November 4, 2015

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