Scoring Lyrical Clichés with N-Grams
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Scoring Lyrical Clichés with N-Grams
The first in a series of posts on my band website about using n-grams to score songs and albums on their use of lyrical clichés. In this post I am testing out the concept to see if it has any legs. Future posts in the series will get into rating a single lyricist over their career.

I'm more than happy to take requests from mefites and run them through the cliché-ometer.
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posted by thetruthisjustalie (5 comments total)

Ha, that's really neat.
posted by cortex at 12:24 PM on October 23, 2015

Don't miss (or do miss) the simultaneous country and R&B versions of I Swear. It's a psychedelic experience.
posted by thetruthisjustalie at 12:43 PM on October 23, 2015

Maybe look into variable length markov models?
posted by curuinor at 11:05 AM on October 26, 2015

Yes, and there's a bevy of pretty easy information-theoretic measures, like statistical (GCY) complexity. See the Crutchfield-Young paper "Inferring Statistical Complexity".
posted by curuinor at 11:06 AM on October 26, 2015

Thanks! I'll check those out.
posted by thetruthisjustalie at 9:31 PM on November 8, 2015

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