Corbyn Headlines
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Corbyn Headlines
I got a bit fed up of the lazy attack journalism on the recently elected Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn. So I did what you should always do when you see something lazy and formulaic, I made a twitter bot. Made, and hosted by,

It's very rough and doesn't do much in the way of advanced expressions, it's really just a remix of some headlines with a few confounding random words thrown in.

The downside is that of course hack journalists don't tend to be the most inclusive of people so it will occasionally throw in stuff that I would choose not to say.
I thought about leaving out the xenophobic bits, but decided on balance to leave them in, as a reflection of the kind of crap these papers write.

The biggest success so far has been the bot generating a story before the news reported it (entirely down to my wife, who wanted some Irn-Bru when I asked her for a contribution to the #GoodThings# tab.
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