"All Earthly Constraints" feature film teaser
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"All Earthly Constraints" feature film teaser
This is the first teaser for my first feature film, "All Earthly Constraints."

Synopsis: Struggling screenwriter Emily, who works in a gelato shop, writes a screenplay about struggling screenwriter Emma, who works in a coffee shop, and is secretly a superheroine named Emmageddon.
Role: writer/director
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Congratulations on your first feature!
posted by cazoo at 9:19 AM on October 2, 2015 [1 favorite]

It's not done but thank you!
posted by drjimmy11 at 11:51 AM on October 2, 2015

Wow principle done, total insane congrats!!! Have fun in the editing suite and don't forget to leave a big chunk of budget for the mix. Did you consider checking out MIFi music folks, there's some damn find composers there.
posted by sammyo at 10:04 AM on October 3, 2015

There is no "budget" left but thanks so much for the advice.
posted by drjimmy11 at 4:53 PM on October 3, 2015

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