George, the Self-Esteem Cat
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George, the Self-Esteem Cat
George is here to tell you that you are a good person, and has some tips to share about good self-esteem. He's also a little black cat. Remember: Be like cat. Be good to self.

So far, George has five episodes:

Introducing George, where George, with his ethnically untraceable (but perhaps French?) accent, tells you to be good to self, with a checklist.

Self-Talk, where George reminds you to tell yourself good things and be kind to yourself.

Getting Along introduces the Dog, who George made fun of in the earlier video, and tries to have a conversation with. Things go about as well as expected.

Imposter Syndrome, the Dog makes another visit, as well as a (more life-like) cat in the background. This is about not believing your mind when it says you are not good enough.

Copy Cats. Dog horns in on George's channel, trying to become the Self-Esteem Dog, and starts a mini-protest.
Role: Puppeteer, Writer, Director, Actor
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A cat with high self-esteem?!? What a unique concept! (|] (|] 🍔 🍔 (hamburger) (double-double-animal-style)
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I like this.
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These are surprisingly entertaining.
posted by joseph conrad is fully awesome at 9:25 PM on July 28, 2015 [2 favorites]

Now I'm beginning to worry that my cat DOES have imposter syndrome. This neighbor's cat has tried to move in and make our home his second home and I feel like our cat is saying, "Don't let him in because he's bigger than me, with outside cat experience and he will eat my tuna and poop in my box!"
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theplotchickens This is my favorite thing in just about ever. Thank you!
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