Receiptron - The friendly receipt-saving robot.
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Receiptron - The friendly receipt-saving robot.
Have a receipt you want to save for tax time, and dreading sorting through "the shoebox" when it comes? Just take a picture of it, email it to Receiptron with a descriptive subject, and it's saved and sorted for later. No more printing email receipts either, just forward them along. Store everything safely in one place, and make tax time simple!

I figure it's perfect for small business folk, artists, contractors, that kind of thing. Initially, I made it for my girlfriend, who has a giant envelope full of receipts that she passed off to her accountant to sort (for an expensive hourly rate), but I figured I could polish it up and turn it into a service that more folks could use.
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I literally just voted and then unvoted for this. Not because I think you're a terrible person or I dislike the idea per se. Au contraire! Just simply loathe the idea of handing off purchase information to a third-party, be it you, Google or Big Brother himself. It is definitely an interesting/useful idea though!
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This is great! So I have several businesses for which I must track receipts. Is there a way--beyond having separate email accounts from which the receipts are mailed and corresponding Receiptron identities--to deal with that?
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