I made another book!
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I made another book!
Today's the launch date for The Annihilation Score, boot six in the Laundry Files. It's my big fat superhero novel. (The US launch date is Tuesday 7th, but it's available today in the UK, NZ, Australia, and the EU, from Orbit.)
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I can't tell you how much I love your Laundry novel series :)
I have no idea why they haven't been scripted into a a movie as yet - if done correctly it would be brilliant! (but then again that's true for anything)
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I am mildly perturbed that I can't get this in the US today, since I have a Kindle, money, and a long weekend to enjoy reading. I'll still have the Kindle and money on Monday, but I'll have to enjoy it during breaks and evenings, not binge-read. Ah well, guess you can have my money on Monday. I'm sure the book'll be good then, too!
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AGameOfMoans: If any media stuff was in development I would be unable to discuss it until something concrete happened. Which hasn't happened yet. (But never say never.)

Alterscape: I have different publishers in the UK and USA. Orbit (Hachette UK) distribute new books on the first Thursday of each month. Ace (Penguin Random House) distribute new books on the first Tuesday of each month, which just happens to fall five days later this time round (but can sometimes be 48 hours earlier). This is just the free market at work, doing what it does best and ruining <drama>EVERYTHING</drama>.
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Thanks for the explainer, cstross -- 100% get it, just some good-natured griping about schedule. I really am intent on throwing money at you(r publisher).
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I get that; I have the same problem with other writers in the same situation.
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Four days before I am frightened again by this evil violin. This is your doing Charlie: I never knew I would be impatient to live through another nightmare.
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I preordered it during the #BuyTorBooks thing, and have loved all the previous books. Looking forward to it.
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Good show old bean. I've read your comments on the (un) likely-hood of a Laundry HBO series but it seems like it's an ideal universe for a game, would it be an incredible MMORPG?
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sammyo: possibly, but I'm not really a gamer and it would, in any case, cost a huge amount to develop an MMO.

However there is a Laundry Files role playing game.
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I think it's sweet that an internationally published, best-selling winner of the highest awards in his genre made a Projects post for his latest book, like signing at a school rumpus sale. I can only think that this is an acknowledgment that MetaFilter matters to you, so from my bit of the Hivemind, thanks for the kind gesture, Mr. Stross.
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Successfully acquired and read said book yesterday. cstross I am holding you singularly responsible for my not getting to sleep 'til 2am. Actually, nah, just kidding that's 100% on me. That was a good yarn, though! Curious to see where all this goes in the next book -- I hope Mo and Bob find some kind of accommodation, but I know the best way to good story is to throw the worst case scenario at your characters all the time, so I'm not really expecting it.
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