Never Kill A Friend
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Never Kill A Friend
Never Kill A Friend, a mystery-thriller and my second novel, is available June 25 for purchase in hard cover format and June 26 as an ebook.

The book has received some good advanced reviews.

"Sharp, tough heroine Shelley Krieg drives the plot of this fast-paced mystery ... Hill writes with an awareness that brings emotional depth to the interactions of his characters in this well-told mystery ... Those who enjoy suspenseful mysteries will be well entertained by Never Kill a Friend." --Margaret Cullison, ForeWord

"Detective Shelley Krieg, a Washington, D.C., native, is a standout in many ways ... The fast-moving plot tells the story of a strong young woman trying to stay true to herself while dealing with powerful, corrupt people and her own conflicting loyalties. This has the makings of a strong series." -- Barbara Bibel, Booklist

Although I love broken protagonists such as Nurse Jackie or Walter White, they can be emotionally exhausting to follow. I decided to create a strong lead character, but in contrast to Jack Reacher, one with emotional depth. The novel has the tough urban feel of Pelecanos or The Wire.

The story follows Shelley Krieg, an African-American detective for the Washington DC Metro PD as she tries to undo a wrong which sent an innocent teenager to prison.

The genesis of the idea for the plot came from a variation on the locked-room mystery. Instead of not being able to explain a murder in a locked room, there is one, seemingly irrefutable explanation: the person who was locked in the room with the victim must have been the perpetrator.

This is enough to put the suspect in jail. However, the same crime happens again, this time with the detective being the only possible culprit. The first chapter is available at the above link and at my website.

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Kindle: Amazon UK
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hooray! I need a summer read!
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Thanks. It has been a dizzy week with this publication. I'd like to see where some seasoned writer put down the percentage of time taken up between writing, working with the editor/publisher and promoting. With blogs (which I do) and social media (which I do only a little of) it seems that I have about 25% of my time left for the actual writing of anything.
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