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An on-demand and discreet delivery service for sexual health and safer sex supplies, created as part of the 2015 North American StartupBus.

We created this after noticing that there are a few apps to deliver condoms on-demand, but not much for anything else. When I proposed the idea of a Plan-B-on-demand delivery, a lot of women and LGBTQ folk I knew loved the idea, and it then grew to encompass various sexual needs - gloves, dental dams, lubricant, and so on. We'd be recruiting drivers who are already on the road working for Lyft or Uber, as well as possible partnerships with organizations such as Homobiles or bicycle messengers.

It's still in alpha, awaiting possible funding from investors in Nashville. (If that doesn't work out I'd like to continue this in a more activist, non-profit-y manner.)
Role: Research, PR, community development, perspective
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So this version of Screet is dissolving (long story), but I'm organizing a reboot, so sign up for more info!
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