Uber, but for
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Uber, but for
Why spend time and effort coming up with "Uber, but for _____" jokes when you can put a robot to work to do it for you?

Uber, but for eating pizza drenched in ranch in your underwear happy memorial day
Uber, but for having trouble understanding women
Uber, but for getting drunk on a plane
Uber, but for trying to ignore how scared you are
Uber, but for starting to hate everyone
Uber, but for doing fine without you

How it works: it watches the twitter stream for tweets like "I'm lounging on the couch with my dog" and rewrites them as "Uber, but for lounging on the couch with your dog."

It only tweets about once an hour, but it has enough material to make a new uber joke every 10 seconds, so if you really want, you can get far more uber at the web site. And for some reason, you can make it read them to you if your browser supports it. Chrome pronounces it "youber."
Role: uber, but for coding
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posted by cortex at 7:58 PM on May 25, 2015

Uber, but for giving relationship advice
Uber, but for having the worst week of your life
Uber, but for doing fine without you
Uber, but for having wine
Uber, but for skipping philosophy to go to the beachhh
Uber, but for remembering why you don't drink
Uber, but for starting to hate everyone

Where can I buy into your IPO?
sorry, I mean "Uber, but buying into your IPO"
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Was the genesis of this idea making the leap from "Uber, but.." to "Uber bot" - and then writing the thing?

And how are the tweets chosen?
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After I saw the 8 millionth "Uber, but for..." joke on twitter, I thought it was time to relieve humanity of the burden of uber jokes. The name "uberbotfor" came about because "uberbutfor" was already taken.

The tweets are chosen by whichever eligible one it sees first, after a random 40-60 minute delay. If you go to the web site, you'll see nearly every eligible tweet - one every 5-30 seconds.
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It's somehow way better to have it read to you and randomly interject while you're doing other things in other tabs!
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well this is awkward
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(i should note these actually do pretty different things and i think yours is great i just ALSO think it is neat that we both came up robot Twitter variations on the "like Uber" joke separately and recently)
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I love it! This means we need to start up an increasingly bitter rivalry which is only resolved by a dance-off at the metafilter wordbot jam.
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I'm adding you as a "muse" because there is no option for "nemesis"
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You can't spell "frenemies" without "nemesis"!
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Frenemeses? Frenulum seas? Is there an Uber for mondegreens?

I love both of these, moonmilk and NoraReed.
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