LED Array Prototype
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LED Array Prototype
This is a 10ft x10ft 3200 RGB pixel LED array that I have assembled in my living room. It's a prototype for a 10,000 pixel version I'm building for our Burning Man camp, Be There Now. I plan on using it as a sound reactive party light as well as an ego stroking Giant Selfie Machine. I am not a lighting designer or a professional LED nerd, I'm just a guy with a big living room and I'm not afraid to try stuff. Videos liquid effect scattered pixels free form a music driven test

I make things with LED lights and computers.

This is a low resolution version of a piece I am bringing to Burning Man for our camp to create giant selfies of people.

It's sound reactive, can reproduce video and photos, working on making it kinect movement driven.

The setup is 5 controllers, 3200 LED lights and a DMX Sequencing software called Madrix.

The brightness in these videos is turned down to about 2 out of 250... so it can get crazy bright. it's a fine line between making light art and oh look, I made an electronic billboard.
Role: designer, programmer, nerd
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Interesting. What hardware did you use for the array ?
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These are 5v WS2811 Pixels directly from China.

I am using pixel controllers made by SanDevices (in the US). They are more common in the world of Extreme X-Mas decorating which has mostly switched over to RGB pixels.

The pixels are the same ones used in a lot of digital billboards, talking to them is not difficult, but they speak DMX which is a crusty beast of a protocol and requires a lot of monkeying around to configure and get right.

Madrix and the other programs I use (Resolume Arena and Lightjams) can push out DMX over ethernet, so I have an 8 port gigabit switch, one PC and 4 controllers for 3200 pixels. When I increase the number to 10,000 pixels, there will be 7 controllers everything else will be the same, but the pixels will be closer together.
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