Men's Neckties: How-to tie necktie knots
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Men's Neckties: How-to tie necktie knots
Ever wondered how to tie a tie? How about a bow tie? Did you know there are various knots you can use to fancy up the humble necktie? Here's how!

I've been posting various how-to videos on tying the different styles of necktie knots. So far, I've covered the Windsor, the Half-Windsor, the Pratt, the Four-in-Hand, the Trinity, and the Bow Tie. I'll be adding more complicated, special occasion knots as I go along.
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This project was posted to MetaFilter by joseph conrad is fully awesome on April 24, 2015: Bow ties are cool.

Not sure I trust these woven knots. More of a Full Windsor man, myself. It's amazing how much easier tie tying is to explain in a video as opposed to words or even diagrams. Well done.
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The woven knots can be very hit-or-miss. I really like the Trinity Knot, but only when I am in a show-off kind of mood. Thanks for checking them out!
posted by xingcat at 5:35 AM on April 2, 2015

Oh, I could have used your bow-tie video last June, when I wore one to a commitment ceremony and spent an anxious and almost tearful 30 minutes beforehand zooming through inadequate illustrations and youtube videos. Bookmarked for future use! Also, your cat's commentary makes this win, in my book.
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