Saving Our Sisters: A Grassroot Movement helping mothers avoid reliquishment
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Saving Our Sisters: A Grassroot Movement helping mothers avoid reliquishment
Building a Mothers Network "The network has been providing the very support that many of the birthmothers wish they been given when they were experiencing an unplanned pregnancy crisis and the threat of adoption seemed the only way out." If you know a mom in a crisis pregnancy who wants to birth and parent but is concerned about a lack of resources, financial security, support, or emotional issues they need help with, let them know about this resource.

Often, the needs of women in crisis pregnancies who want to birth their children are a cause that feminists have been left entirely to pro-life crisis pregnancy centers and predatory adoption focused "pregnancy support" centers who prey on women's vulnerability and reinforce they are inadequate due to their lack of financial support. emotional support, and resources.

This network of amazing women is trying to change that.

"After she lost her own son to adoption, Lynn Johansenn joined us in AdoptionLand on Facebook and with her blog WS Birthmom and immediately started working directly with other women who were considering adoption and warning them of the untold aftermaths and pitfalls of relinquishment. She displayed a true gift in weeding through the issues and breaking down the problems to make them solvable. Word got around and more mothers considering adoption would be sent to Lynn. Other mothers would offer to help and loosely a network started to band together.

A person local to the mother at risk would met up with her and make sure everything is as it is presented. Obviously, we need to be sure that we are really helping someone who needs it and will not take advantage of the assistance. Others look for assistance, finding solutions, helping mom find the help she needs. And then others still join in to donate supplies and necessities. Meanwhile, others offer solutions, encouragement, validation and the real truth about adoption as a option."

I have been networking and brainstorming with Claud for many years (ten about) about how to create a network to bring resources to moms in crisis pregnancy that will prevent the need to lose their children and ensure their children can have healthy lives WITH their moms. We have been trying to provide support to mom's in need for many years but are still trying to create a formatted and accessible means of ensuring new moms can find access to our resources and those that want to volunteer or help know about the program. Putting that option on the table for all women possible is part of women's empowerment and reproductive justice. This is by no means my project, but I'm certainly too involved in it's creation to post it on the blue. What I instigated and created was the National Directory of comprehensive pregnancy resources which is currently in progress. I created the page for Austin to inspire others to do the same for their cities and states. Hopefully we can make it look prettier soon enough.

This network completely supports women's right to choose an abortion, and is only concerned with supported parenting needs of women whose preferred option is to parent should the find a way to do so in a healthy way. Whether you'd like to volunteer to support mom's in need, or you need or know of someone in need of these supports, keep this resource in mind!
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"What I instigated and created" I should clarify, what I created was the Austin page, Claud did all the work of creating the national and city based pages for people to fill in. YAY!
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