Song name haiku
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Song name haiku
Given the name of a musical artist, "Song name haiku" finds haikus where each line is the name of a song by that artist.
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This project was posted to MetaFilter by mathowie on January 20, 2015: Song name haiku

This is fucking awesome.
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The best way I could find to determine the number of syllables in a word was to use the CMU pronunciation dictionary (cmudict). It's easy to use if anyone ever wants to do something similar to this.

You can see the non-standard words I added to the syllable data in github.
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I like how U2 turned out here.
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Oh, I see! It I didn't realize it could return more than one result. Very cool. Thanks for making this.

I was interested to find that seeing haiku automated made me appreciate haiku more, not less.
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I like this U2 one:

Electrical Storm
Until the End of the World
Satellite of Love
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