Jackie the baboon, and other upsetting topics
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Jackie the baboon, and other upsetting topics
The story of Jackie, a baboon who went to war with the South African army, is the latest instalment in my series on Animals in World War I.

You can read earlier articles by clicking the red drop-down box at top right. The series appeared last year in the Buckinghamshire Examiner and Advertiser, and is also being published on my former employer's website (was supposed to be monthly during 2014, but I think they forget to post it some months).

Also, yesterday my poem "On Seeing the North Korean Prison Camps on Google Earth" appeared on Dagda Publishing's website. Earlier poems with them are "Steve Reich's Electric Counterpoint and "Ganesha in the Park," as well as three selections in their print/e-book anthology Western Haiku.
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