Litblog Roundup
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Litblog Roundup
What's happening at the intersection of literary culture and the internet? I've started a new bi-weekly blog series intended to address that topic and more. It's called "Litblog Roundup."

Every other week, on, I’ll post some highlights from the world of literary blogs.

It might help to begin with a pair of definitions. First, what’s a “blog” these days, anyway? Second, what do I mean by “highlight?”

Years ago, it might have been possible to say that there were two kinds of websites. One kind was the static kind typically made by organizations, and the other kind, blogs, were regularly updated by regular folks. Times have changed, lines have blurred and now there are things like Podcasts; video sharing sites; social media; sites for sharing longform, shortform, newform writing; and so many things coming and going online all the time and all of it has the potential to be literary. Let’s, for the sake of this weekly roundup, group all of this amazing material under a single heading. Let’s consider it all as part of one big literary conversation, and it is a big one, which is why I think an overview will be useful.

My sense of a “highlight” is partly subjective: if I think you’ll find it interesting, I’ll share it; but more objectively if a topic is addressed on two or more of the blogs, and I think you’ll find it interesting, I’ll include that too.

Let me know what you think of all this, in the comments.
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