Shape Shape Shape Shape—porcelain and cotton rope wearables
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Shape Shape Shape Shape—porcelain and cotton rope wearables
My partner and I have recently launched a project of porcelain and hand-dyed rope necklaces that we are calling Shape Shape Shape Shape.

My partner is an incredible ceramicist, and I'm a tag-along and tinkerer, and I developed a way to create these machine-looking, custom shapes in porcelain and stoneware. We took a long time to find the right style and weight of 100% cotton rope (surprisingly difficult to find non-synthetic), the right dye colors, the best finish, size, shapes, etc. They're bulky, they're bold, and they turn out to be quite beautiful objects. Hopefully the photography captures a bit of that.

We're excited to get them out into the world. Thanks for having a look.
Role: Co-Creator, web designer, photographer
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They are beautiful objects!
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