How to make a hacked LED Pez Menorah
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How to make a hacked LED Pez Menorah
I've been making these for a few years now, and since people occasionally ask me how to make them I decided to document the process.

This started a few years ago as a Pez menorah with candles. My then-BF came up with the idea to substitute the LEDs for the candles, and when we broke up I decided to learn how to solder so I could keep making them!
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Me: "It's an LED Pez Menorah of Star Wars characters."

Friends: "..."


Friends: (look at each other)

Me: (inhale) "I SAID, IT'S AN LED PEZ MENORAH...."

Friends: (flee)
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I think next year I might do Lego Minifigs. Tell your friends there is no Sanctuary.
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