The New Poor
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The New Poor
Been thinking a lot about how Millennials are always written about in the media, how gentrification works, and how student loans are affecting our current economy. Here is the result.
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Good observation! but not limited to Millenials.
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Just got one question, based on the following:
That our current political leaders continue to support economic policies that rob young people of the ability to thrive, is reprehensible, and if uncorrected, these policies will cripple our nation’s domestic unity and international authority.
What domestic unity? How can any such thing exist in a nation of 300+ million people spread across a continent who suffer from massive wealth inequality, no common ideals to strive for, and a culture that's finally starting to balkanize after decades of false homogenity imposed by corporate media?

And let's not forget the whole liberal/conservative divide. If this keeps up, we might find ourselves living through a second Civil War -- though this time we should just let the red states secede, and be damned to them.
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