SoundTalk - Turn forum conversations into playlists
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SoundTalk - Turn forum conversations into playlists
SoundTalk is a Chrome extension that finds song titles in the current page and generates a Spotify playlist. For example, with two clicks it turns this recent Ask thread about ultra sparse music into this playlist. It's different from other tools because it looks for any text that seems like a song title, rather than just finding links to known music services. More playlists and suggested uses below the fold.

Examples from recent Ask threads:

Thread: Songs that make you grit your teeth and kick life in the ass -> playlist
Thread: What song lyrics have inspired you? -> playlist

Tag searches on Ask Metafilter are good places to find likely threads, like "music" or "songs". You'll want threads requesting individual songs, rather than albums or artists, with a few dozen comments.

You can also use this as a nice twist on Pandora. For example, if you're in a mood for songs like Bittersweet Symphony, you can run a google search for "Bittersweet Symphony", and find out whether you're really in the mood for ...

Terrific string arrangements within pop songs -> playlist
Depress and sadden me with your beautiful melodies -> playlist
Or maybe you were really thinking of Iconic music videos of the 80s and 90s -> playlist

I've mostly tested on Ask when developing this, but it should work the same on any other site -- apparently you can get good results by running it on the recent-comments feed of music subreddits.

This is the first public announcement, so I'd love to hear suggestions and bug reports, and I'll do my best to patch up any showstopping bugs that crop up when it leaves the safety of my computer. I'd also love to hear any interesting playlists you come up with. Thanks!
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