Rereading #TheStand
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Rereading #TheStand
I am rereading Stephen King's The Stand and tweeting one chapter's worth of quotes, analysis, criticism, and background per day at @WeHadADealKyle.

Because Twitter is ephemeral, I'm also collecting each chapter's tweets into a story at Storify, and maintaining an overall table-of-contents story there. Inspired by joseph conrad is fully awesome's recent FPP on The Stand: "That wasn't any act of God. That was an act of pure human fuckery."
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Settling in for the long haul. I'm up to Chapter 23 so far, the introduction of Flagg, which became a bit of a monster: tweets, storify.
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Wonderful timing! I picked up a copy and have gotten about halfway through. So much I have forgotten since the first read.
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